Africa pipe industries uses an ultra-modern pipe mill that makes use of the helical formed double submerged arc-welding process. The hot-rolled steel strip passes an edge-milling unit where the plate is milled to the required width and the edges prepared for the welding process. The plate then passes through an edge pre-form section where the edges are formed to ensure accurate edge  alignment and pipe shape. The pipe is helically formed with an orbital moving three roll bank of precisely shaped rollers that ensure a softer forming process.

Four electronically controlled welding heads perform welding inside out simultaneously to create a weld seam much stronger than the parent metal. The weld seam tracking and weld gap are controlled by electronic technology and ensures weld positioning and seam welding.

Our Mechanical bevelling consists of a two fixed head console, hydraulic clamping system, roller lifter system, hydraulic and electrical controlled systems. The mechanical facing is designed for pipes up to and including 1400mm in diameter.

Our plasma bevelling system is mounted on a rotating bevelling arm that gets set up to the required angle. This system is more common for larger diameter pipes exceeding 1400mm.

At Africa pipe industries we also make use of non-destructive testing methods such as our hydrostatic testing where pipes are subjected to pressures of up to 210 bar to ensure overall fitness of the pipes. This process is controlled electronically and provides a unique report for each pipe that is tested.

The flat panel detector imaging system used in our x-ray machines meets the requirements for oil and gas specifications and is the most modern system used in South Africa.


  • New Technology
  • Higher Production Output
  • 4mm – 25mm Plate
  • 2 x Operational Lines
  • 12m up to 19.2m pipe lengths

In-Line mechanical & plasma bevelling

  • Bevel and Landing according to requirements
  • Fast and Efficient
  • Accurate Pipe End Machining

Quality Systems

The Quality System operated by Africa Pipe Industries places emphasis on problem prevention rather than detection. The Africa Pipe Industries Quality system operates in accordance to ISO 9001:2015, by use of the Quality Manual and the Quality Plan, ITP, procedures and instructions and surveillance and audit of the various activities from the receipt of materials to final shipment of the completed product.

The day to day operation of the system is undertaken by the QA/QC Manager who shall Endeavour to continually improve the effectiveness of the system.

To ensure that all elements are controlled, Africa Pipe Industries’ produces an Inspection and Test Plan. This document controls all the various elements and indicates the procedure required and the verifying evidence required to substantiate compliance

Africa pipe industries is accredited by the american petroleum institute.

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