Coatings & Linings

At Africa pipe industries we take pride in our wide variety of protective lining and coating applications and products.
Before the pipes can be coated and lined they are treated to a series of processes including internal and external blasting to remove any contaminants and ensure a long lasting quality coating and lining.

Africa pipe industries makes use of liquid epoxy linings when it comes to conveying water, sewage and petrochemical products. This solvent free product is applied where the piping is exposed to movable water which ensures an extended life time on our pipes.

Rigid Polyurethane is a compact and versatile spraying system based on the worldwide proven and reliable system concept of the plural component heavy-duty coating systems. This coating system has been tested on the most stringent international specifications and is backed by performance guarantees from international manufacturers. Our coating and lining plants include German engineered technology systems for the application of our flagship coating 1:1 and 4:1 Rigid Polyurethane and liquid Epoxy linings. This concept gives a fixed mixing ratio that is crucial to the application of Rigid Polyurethane and Epoxy. Corrosion protection materials and the application methods are essential for the integrity of a steel pipe which unifies our focusing on application methods that ensure ideal conditions.

This International compact and versatile spraying system is a reliable concept ideal for plural component heavy-duty coating system. We implemented a spray booth system that controls application temperatures and humidity, which is a critical factor in the successful application of the latest polyurethane coating and Epoxy lining.

Quality Systems

The Quality System operated by Africa Pipe Industries places emphasis on problem prevention rather than detection. The Africa Pipe Industries Quality system operates in accordance to ISO 9001:2015, by use of the Quality Manual and the Quality Plan, ITP, procedures and instructions and surveillance and audit of the various activities from the receipt of materials to final shipment of the completed product.

The day to day operation of the system is undertaken by the QA/QC Manager who shall Endeavour to continually improve the effectiveness of the system.

To ensure that all elements are controlled, Africa Pipe Industries’ produces an Inspection and Test Plan. This document controls all the various elements and indicates the procedure required and the verifying evidence required to substantiate compliance

Africa pipe industries is accredited by the american petroleum institute.

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